History of the PRIOLEAU name

The PRIOLEAU name has been traced in the United States back to 1685, when Rev. Elie PRIOLEAU arrived in Charlestown, Carolina. He had been Pastor at the Reformed Church (Huguenot) in Pons, France, and was expelled from the country after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

The family came to France in 1547, when Marco Antonio PRIULI left Venice, Italy, to accompany his uncle, an Ambassador, to the Court of Henry II. He married a Huguenot maiden against Venetian law and was not allowed to return to Venice. He started the French family. Over six generations, the name was changed to PRIOLO and then to PRIOLEAU.

The family came to Venice, Italy, in 1099, when Silvestro PRIULI was sent by the Hungarian Crown to negotiate with the Venetian Senate. He stayed and started a family which became quite prominent in Venice, eventually providing 3 Doges, 5 Cardinals, 16 Procurators of San Marco, and several senators, ambassadors, bishops, generals and admirals. A home built by Giovanni PRIULI in 1383 is now a hotel (See www.hotelpriuli.com)

Before 1099, the family has been traced in Hungary for 16 generations, back to around 600. Records in the Venetian National Library connect the family to the  Hungarian leaders Mihalie, Arpad, and Attila.